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To find out how old I am in days? Enter the birthdate and this birth calculator tells you how old you are? and age in days.

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Age in days

You can get a rough estimate by multiplying your age in years by 365, but you might be off by hundreds of days. This is due to the fact that you'll be operating on the basis of your age on your last birthday, except the days since then. There's also the matter of leap years to remember. Once every four years, these occur, resulting in an additional day on the calendar (366 days in the year).

To calculate your age in days, you’ll have to multiply your age in years with the number 365.2425 and add the remaining number of days. The remaining number of days can be calculated by multiplying the number of months by 30 and the adjustments can be done accordingly if there are months with 31 days. 

Age in days= (Age in years x 365.2425) + Remaining days.

Interesting things which will happen in a day.

  1. To make paper bags, 40,000 trees will be felled, and another 27,000 will be felled to make toilet paper.
  2. Around the world, there will be 7 distinct earthquakes and 18,000 storms.
  3. 0.35 millimeters will be added to your hair. You will lose between 40 and 100 hair at the same time.
  4. Up to 50 trillion cells will be lost and reproduced in our bodies.
  5. Because of environmental damage, 150-200 different species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals will become extinct.

Changing Life in a Day

It's time to put an end to the back-and-forth and decide whether to actually commit, let go, or take the risk.

Deliberating on something can often hold us back and build energetic barriers that prevent us from progressing.

Make a list of advantages and disadvantages, meditate, or flip a coin—whichever method you want, it's time to put an end to the fear-based deliberation.

Make the decision today to finally choose a direction. You can always change your mind, but for the time being, trust your choice. This day can change your life forever. 

How scheduling a day is important?

Every day, we have the same twenty-four hours. So, why do some people get so much done in their twenty-four hours while others fail to complete simple to-do lists?

Time management is one solution. 

What should I add to my daily routine?

Richard Branson still has a notebook with him. What is the reason for this? That he can jot down ideas and insights as they come to him.

The human brain excels at making complex associations but fails miserably at recalling them. When you rely solely on memory, it's easy to miss a great opportunity.

This is why it is important to cultivate the practice of taking notes. 

People who exercise during the workday have more energy and a more optimistic attitude, which are both important for getting things done, according to researchers at the University of Bristol.

GABA, a neurotransmitter that calms your brain and holds you in control of your impulses, is released when you move your body for just 10 minutes.

Exercising first thing in the morning means that you will have time for it during the day, and it increases your self-control and energy levels.

According to the study, having clear objectives is associated with substantial improvements in trust and feelings of control.

Setting clear targets for the day sets the gears in motion. Reduce your goals to a few attainable targets that can be broken down into steps.

Goals that are too broad, such as "I want to finish writing my post," are counterproductive because they leave out the "how."

“I am going to finish my article by writing each of the three articles, spending no more than an hour on each section,” says the same target rephrased in a more realistic way.

You now have more than just a goal in mind; you also have a strategy for achieving it.

What are the activities we do in a Day?

We do things like brushing our teeth, taking a shower, Cooking, Eating, Driving and sitting in traffic, Folding laundry, doing laundry, washing the dishes, shopping, reading, etc.

Despite common beliefs, meditating is not the only way to practice mindfulness.

The next piece of advice I have for you is to be mindful of your daily activities.

You can achieve a meditative and reflective state simply by giving your full attention and focus on what you're doing right now.