Kristi Noem
Kristi Noem
Born: November 30, 1971
(age 52 years)

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How old is Kristi Noem?

Kristi Noem is 52 years 0 months 0 days old. and time left until next birthday: 0 days.

Planetary Birthdays

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Next Birthday: December 15, 2023
Kristi Noem age on mercury is 215 Mercury years, 1 Mercury day and 14 Earth days old
Next Birthday: April 10, 2024
Kristi Noem age on venus is 84 Venus years and 93 Earth days old
Next Birthday: July 30, 2024
Kristi Noem age on mars is 27 Martian years, 433 Martian days, and 4 Earth hours
Next Birthday: March 25, 2031
Kristi Noem age on jupiter is 4 Jupiter years and 3986 Jupiter days old.
Next Birthday: October 23, 2030
Kristi Noem age on saturn is 1 Saturn years and 18475 Saturn days old.
Next Birthday: December 6, 2055
Kristi Noem age on uranus is 0 Uranus years and 26456 Uranus days old.
Next Birthday: September 15, 2136
Kristi Noem age on neptune is 0 Neptune years and 28490 Neptune days old.
Next Birthday: October 11, 2219
Kristi Noem age on pluto is 0 Pluto years and 2979 Pluto days old.

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Kristi Lynn Noem is an American politician who became the 33rd governor of South Dakota in 2019. A member of the Republican Party, she was the U.S. representative for South Dakota's at-large congressional district from 2011 to 2019, and a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives for the 6th district from 2007 to 2011.

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