Lee Pace
Lee Pace
Born: March 25, 1979
(age 44 years)

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How old is Lee Pace?

Lee Pace is 44 years 8 months 15 days old. and time left until next birthday: 105 days.

Planetary Birthdays

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Next Birthday: January 16, 2024
Lee Pace age on mercury is 185 Mercury years, 51 Earth days old.
Next Birthday: March 13, 2024
Lee Pace age on venus is 72 Venus years and 131 Earth days old
Next Birthday: May 15, 2024
Lee Pace age on mars is 23 Martian years, 517 Martian days, and 1 Earth hours
Next Birthday: September 6, 2026
Lee Pace age on jupiter is 3 Jupiter years and 7996 Jupiter days old.
Next Birthday: February 15, 2038
Lee Pace age on saturn is 1 Saturn years and 12504 Saturn days old.
Next Birthday: March 31, 2063
Lee Pace age on uranus is 0 Uranus years and 22748 Uranus days old.
Next Birthday: January 9, 2144
Lee Pace age on neptune is 0 Neptune years and 24497 Neptune days old.
Next Birthday: February 3, 2227
Lee Pace age on pluto is 0 Pluto years and 2562 Pluto days old.

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Lee Grinner Pace is an American actor. He is known for starring as Thranduil the Elvenking in The Hobbit trilogy and as Joe MacMillan in the AMC period drama television series Halt and Catch Fire. He has also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ronan the Accuser, a role he first played in Guardians of the Galaxy and reprised in Captain Marvel. Pace earned a 2008 Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Ned in the ABC comedy-drama Pushing Daisies. Since 2021, he stars as the galactic emperor Brother Day in the television series Foundation, based on the stories of Isaac Asimov.

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