Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Born: February 17, 1981
(age 42 years)

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How old is Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton is 42 years 9 months 13 days old. and time left until next birthday: 78 days.

Planetary Birthdays

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Next Birthday: January 7, 2024
Paris Hilton age on mercury is 177 Mercury years, 50 Earth days old.
Next Birthday: April 2, 2024
Paris Hilton age on venus is 69 Venus years and 101 Earth days old
Next Birthday: May 23, 2024
Paris Hilton age on mars is 22 Martian years, 499 Martian days, and 12 Earth hours
Next Birthday: August 1, 2028
Paris Hilton age on jupiter is 3 Jupiter years and 6304 Jupiter days old.
Next Birthday: January 11, 2040
Paris Hilton age on saturn is 1 Saturn years and 10923 Saturn days old.
Next Birthday: February 23, 2065
Paris Hilton age on uranus is 0 Uranus years and 21766 Uranus days old.
Next Birthday: December 4, 2145
Paris Hilton age on neptune is 0 Neptune years and 23439 Neptune days old.
Next Birthday: December 29, 2228
Paris Hilton age on pluto is 0 Pluto years and 2451 Pluto days old.

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Paris Whitney Hilton is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, actress, and singer. Born in New York City, and raised there and in Los Angeles, she is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Hilton first attracted tabloid attention in the late 1990s, when she became a fixture in NYC's social scene, and ventured into modeling at age 19, signing with Donald Trump's agency Trump Model Management. After David LaChapelle photographed her and sister Nicky for the September 2000 issue of Vanity Fair, Hilton was proclaimed "New York's leading It Girl" in 2001. The reality television series The Simple Life , in which she co-starred with her friend Nicole Richie, and a leaked 2003 sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, later released as 1 Night in Paris , catapulted her to global fame.

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