Rita Ora
Rita Ora
Born: November 26, 1990
(age 33 years)

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How old is Rita Ora?

Rita Ora is currently 33 years 2 months 30 days old and time left until next birthday is 274 days. But how old would one be on other planets? Embark on a cosmic journey to find out!

Rita Ora age on other planets


On Mercury, Rita Ora is 138 Mercury years old! Happy Mercury Birthday!, and next birthday will be on May 23, 2024


On Venus, Rita Ora is 53 Venus years and 219 Earth days old, and next birthday will be on March 2, 2024


On Mars, Rita Ora is 17 Martian years, 453 Martian days, and 16 Earth hours, and next birthday will be on October 4, 2024


On Jupiter, Rita Ora is 2 Jupiter years and 8347 Jupiter days old., and next birthday will be on June 29, 2026


On Saturn, Rita Ora is 1 Saturn years and 3113 Saturn days old., and next birthday will be on October 19, 2049


On Uranus, Rita Ora is 0 Uranus years and 16916 Uranus days old., and next birthday will be on December 2, 2074


On Neptune, Rita Ora is 0 Neptune years and 18216 Neptune days old., and next birthday will be on September 12, 2155


On Pluto, Rita Ora is 0 Pluto years and 1905 Pluto days old., and next birthday will be on October 7, 2238

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Rita Sahat├žiu Ora is a British singer and songwriter. She rose to prominence in February 2012 when she featured on DJ Fresh's single, "Hot Right Now", which reached number one in the UK. Her debut studio album, Ora, released in August 2012, debuted at number one in the United Kingdom. The album contained the UK number-one singles, "R.I.P." and "How We Do ". Ora was the artist with the most number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, with three singles reaching the top position.

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