Travis Scott
Travis Scott
Born: April 30, 1991
(age 32 years)

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How old is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott is currently 32 years 9 months 26 days old and time left until next birthday is 64 days. But how old would one be on other planets? Embark on a cosmic journey to find out!

Travis Scott age on other planets


On Mercury, Travis Scott is 136 Mercury years, 21 Earth days old., and next birthday will be on May 2, 2024


On Venus, Travis Scott is 53 Venus years and 64 Earth days old, and next birthday will be on August 4, 2024


On Mars, Travis Scott is 17 Martian years, 302 Martian days, and 10 Earth hours, and next birthday will be on March 8, 2025


On Jupiter, Travis Scott is 2 Jupiter years and 7975 Jupiter days old., and next birthday will be on December 1, 2026


On Saturn, Travis Scott is 1 Saturn years and 2765 Saturn days old., and next birthday will be on March 23, 2050


On Uranus, Travis Scott is 0 Uranus years and 16700 Uranus days old., and next birthday will be on May 6, 2075


On Neptune, Travis Scott is 0 Neptune years and 17984 Neptune days old., and next birthday will be on February 14, 2156


On Pluto, Travis Scott is 0 Pluto years and 1881 Pluto days old., and next birthday will be on March 11, 2239

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Jacques Bermon Webster II , known professionally as Travis Scott , is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Throughout his career, Scott has achieved four number-one hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, along with 80 total charted songs. Scott has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards and won a Billboard Music Award, Latin Grammy Award, MTV Video Music Award, and multiple BET Hip Hop Awards. As of 2020, Scott has sold over 45 million certified records in the US alone. Scott's musical style has been described as a "blend between traditional hip-hop and lo-fi" and often characterized as "ambient," with a heavily appraised influence from rappers Kanye West and Kid Cudi. His stage name is derived from the latter's real name, Scott Mescudi, combined with the name of a favorite uncle.

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