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Calculation of age in seconds

To calculate your age in seconds, you will have to multiply your age in minutes by 60. If your age is 13 years and 4 months old, you’ll first multiply 13 with 365.2425 and then calculate and add the remaining days of 4 months(30 days).

The number you get will be multiplied by 60, to get your age in minutes. This will give 336998, which means you are these many minutes old.

Now multiply the number by 60 and will be 20219880 seconds old.

World record in a second

  1. There is a world record for the most number of mouse clicks in a second. 16 mouse clicks per second is the most.
  2. There’s a record for a number of words in a Rap. Marshall Mathers can squeeze 7.5 words in a second.

Interesting things happen in a second.

  1. The time it takes a snail to move 1cm in order to stop raindrops.
  2. Coca-Cola beverages are available in over 200 countries and serve over 21,990 people.
  3. We think of lightning strikes as uncommon occurrences, but they happen all over the world, maybe too often. The lightning hits our tiny world at least six times a second on average.

What does a second mean?

The second is one of the sixty parts that make up a minute. When people say 'a second' or seconds,' they usually mean a very short period of time.

The second was initially referred to as a "second minute," or the second minute (i.e. small) division of an hour.

The first division was called a "prime minute," and it corresponded to the current minute.

The 60 factors are modeled by the Babylonians, who used the 60th factors in their counting system.